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Types of waterproofing

Brick Bet waterproofing
Brick bet waterproofing helps seal cracks and water leakages, hides the untidy marks and also provides aesthetically appealing coverage using china mosaic tiles.

Following are a few steps for brick bet waterproofing:

Firstly, it removes the debris and cleans the whole surface.

Secondly, apply raddo of water, chemical and cement on the surface.

Third, put the china mosaic tiles and fix them.

Poly Acrylic chemical coating waterproofing Pre monsoon treatment
This is one of the superior ranges of waterproofing solutions. First, the poly acrylic chemical solution is prepared which is used to seal the breakage or leakage on the wall and terrace which will be a strong waterproof base as well as protect and preserve the strength of any structure. This is done by a highly trained professional team. You need to make sure that high-quality products are used for the procedure.

In this type of waterproofing you need to clean the place, then close the cracks with poly acrylic chemical coating. The final step is to put two coats of poly acrylic chemical with white cement on the surface.

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